You only need four basic ingredients to make Banana Turon or Banana Lumpia. Nothing fancy here, only banana (saba, or plantain), lumpia wrapper or spring roll wrapper, brown sugar and vegetable oil. But one can be as adventurous to bring this simple dessert or snack to the next level. You may add chunks of chocolate, slices of either ripe jack fruit, mango, cheese, and even coconut.

As for me, I toasted some sesame seeds and added it to my banana and sugar filling. The sesame seeds just add a rich nutty flavor which compliments well with the rest of the simple ingredients. If you want it fancy then drizzle it with caramel sauce while the Banana Turon is still hot. This crunchy, addictive dessert is perfect also with vanilla ice cream.

I like making this for the family because not only is it easy to make, but very budget friendly as well.

Banana Turon


4 ripe plantains
1/2 cup sugar
8 pieces lumpia wrapper or spring roll wrapper
1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds
oil for frying
water to seal the spring roll wrapper


1. Cut plantain in half, and cut each half lengthwise.
2. Place 2 plantain in the spring roll wrapper and sprinkle with brown sugar and sesame seeds.
3. Fold wrapper and banana over once, then fold the side ends in, then continue folding until you reach the end of the wrapper. Seal the end with water.
4. Repeat procedure with the rest of the banana slices.
5. Fry in medium high oil until golden brown and crisp.

Note: To keep it crunchy, do not cover it while it is hot.

Thank you to Sancha, my daughter, for the quick edit that she did on this video.